How to Make Money $ on the Internet: A Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad

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This is a brief guide on how to make money and build a career on the internet. It's impossible to cover everything but hopefully this might inspire some ideas.


Here are a few Skillshare courses that I personally enjoyed and that are related to the topics that I covered in this piece:

Productivity Masterclass - I really enjoyed this course and found it super actionable.I was immediately making changes to my systems and how I approach the tasks that I want to complete → https://skl.sh/2LglZ5X

How to Start a Business Online - this was a really well-made breakdown on how to approach and understand the world of e-commerce → https://skl.sh/2XGGY8o

How to Share Ideas that Inspire Action - This one is made by Simon Sinek who is an amazing speaker and author, and I found a lot of value in learning about his approach and also the tips that he had to share → https://skl.sh/2EBZTDu

Fantastic advice/prompts for journaling for those of you trying to build up that habit → https://skl.sh/30vnBfK

Learning Strategies - this one focuses on learning new things which is a topic and area of focus that fascinates me → https://skl.sh/2xL5ENK


Here are other resources if you’d like to do more research on this topic:

This is Marketing by Seth Godin → https://geni.us/VKAN
More ideas/ways to make money online → https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/299728
Here's a solid guide to crowdfunding → https://kickofflabs.com/blog/beginners-guide-crowdfunding/


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