Top 10 Scary Inventions In History That SHOULD Be Forgotten

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Top 10 Scary Inventions In History That SHOULD Be Forgotten
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Lets go back in history and have a look at some of the most scary inventions till date! These inventions SHOULD be forgotten. Today we have some true scary stories of weird history. These scary stories are going to make you think twice about what you learned in school. This is the Top 10 Scary Inventions In History That SHOULD Be Forgotten.

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00:00 Intro
03:32 The gas resistant stroller | Scary History
01:20 Fliz | Scary History
02:49 Bat crackers | Scary History
03:55 Urban window baby cage | Scary History
05:10 Hydrogen Blimps | Scary History
06:10 Plastic | Scary History
07:13 The Brazen Bull | Scary History
08:04 The Tricho System | Scary History
09:43 Agent Orange | Scary History
10:52 The Atom detonation | Scary History

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